Theatre Program: 1000 Cranes Play

The proposed plan is to have Wofford, Converse, and USC Upstate theatre students work with Carver students to put on the 1000 Cranes Play, based on the story of Sadako and staged for children to be able to put on easily. Kelsey Leahy will lead origami classes to teach the students how to fold cranes in order to make 1000 by the time of the play opening in May, when they will be placed throughout the garden area on the pergolas and gazebo. Recycled materials will be used to fold the cranes to call attention to the amount of waste that is associated with printing.

The theatre project will start in January, in line with the January term held at Wofford and Converse. A student from each school has been located to work on the project along with a recent Converse graduate who will act as dramaturge. If you are interested in getting involved, contact Kelsey Leahy. Follow the link for detailed information about 1000 Cranes for Carver.

Music Events

Spartanburg has a thriving music scene that goes back generations and encourages collaboration over competition. Local musicians will be able to showcase their talent and improve the cultural vitality of the area.

Community Events

Community organizations will be able to request to use the site for events. Stone Soup Storytelling Institute is a based out of Woodruff and is a resource and platform for storytellers. They can host events at the garden site, which will improve visibility for their efforts to provide cultural events in Woodruff. They are one of countless organizations that could host events in the STEAM Garden.

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