Success Initiative


To create a makerspace-based education system focused on the development of STEAM related professional skills.


Coordinate community focused STEAM-based projects and events as to provide essential networking and educational opportunities for the development of partnerships, mentorships and professional skills as solutions for impending problems evidenced by community indicators.


  1. Act as an intermediary between public and private sector entities to establish and maintain productive relationships for providing services within makerspace settings.
    Purpose: identify STEAM based projects, align curricula with community needs, and secure materials, equipment and talent thereby creating the foundation necessary for supporting the Success Initiative (SI) organization.
    Update November 2017: SI is collaborating with Daniel Zongrone on the STEAM Garden, forming a city wide Robotics team, and planning collaborative projects with Synergy Mill (Greenville Makerspace).
  2. Finalize Spartanburg County Foundation (SCF) financial partnership and application for 501(c)(3) status.
    Purpose: To appropriately manage the financial aspects of SI, provide evidence of accountability to mission, and become officially recognized as a non-profit organization.
    Update November 2017: SCF Fund is live: Success Initiative [2106]. Contributions can be made here:
  3. Establish volunteer network and internship/mentorship program within the Success Initiative organization.
    Purpose: To allow for the delegation of tasks necessary to the functioning of SI, begin fulfilling the mission immediately by incorporating an educational aspect to the development of SI, and to secure talent necessary for providing classes and event activities.
    Update November 2017: have been making connections with various organizations and schools in the area in order to collaborate on projects.
  4. Continue to coordinate STEAM education-related community events and provide activities within currently established events put on by partners.
    Purpose: To continue and further implement the mission by providing community focused STEAM educational activities, marketing for future SI and partner events and opportunities, raise funds.
    Update November 2017: SI attended the Furman Eclipse Event in August, Charlotte Mini Maker Faire in October, and Maker Mania! at Roper Mountain Science Center in November. SI will be hosting the second annual Makers-n-Music Festival at Project Hub Spartanburg on Saturday, March 31, 2018.
  5. Launch Project Youth.
    Purpose: To establish the core aspect of the SI mission, provide a core administrative project for high-school level interns, and begin honing the model for a makerspace education system by providing STEAM-education classes to youth within makerspace settings.
    Update November 2017: Health concerns of a board member have delayed progress on this goal, but progress will be made as 2017 ends and classes should begin January 2018.


  • Laney Alverson, Chairman
    Phone: (864) 381-7607 Email:
  • Kelsey Leahy, Executive Secretary
    Phone: (864) 580-6506 Email:

Success Initiative interns in front of the new Project Hub Spartanburg sign. Spartanburg’s new makerspace is located at 442 South Church Street.


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