Vertical Gardening

The Center Stage will be the main feature of the STEAM Garden, surrounded by five areas to install different types of vertical gardens, as well as 15 raised beds available as adopt-a-plots. Vertical gardening techniques use space more efficiently while providing an opportunity for creativity and innovation.

  • Wire Sculptures

    The team will work with middle and elementary school students to plan and design wire sculptures to feature in the garden. They could be in the shape of animals, such as a school mascot, in human form, or free form.

    In September 2018 a STEAM Harvest Festival will be held, and if the schools wish to donate the sculptures they will be auctioned off to fund future programs related to STEAM Education. Schools can opt to keep the sculptures if they want to continue gardening with the sculpture.

  • Growroom

    Launched in October 2016 by space10, IKEA’s external innovation hub, the Growroom is a spherical structure that enables people to grow their own food in a local and sustainable manner. The plans are now open source and can be built with a rubber hammer, 17 sheets of plywood, and a CNC milling machine. The design ensures light reaches all plants and will be an excellent feature for people to enjoy.

  • Pallet Gardens

    Project Hub Spartanburg has already received donated pallets from an appliance store to be used in the STEAM Garden. The pallets will be used in all garden features to maintain the transportability of the structures. To make a pallet garden requires landscaping fabric, a staple gun, soil, plants, and the pallets themselves. It is an easy solution that saves landfill space.

  • Pergolas

    Five pergolas in between main areas can be used for small bushes, vines, fruit bearing trees, and other small plants. The frames will be made out of bamboo harvested from Glendale, which will provide an interesting framework for the plant life.

    The three following small bushes are drought tolerant, low maintenance, and attractive to pollinators:

    • Lantana: beautiful color   
    • Butterfly bush: grows faster than lantana   
    • Black and blue salvia: Impressive sapphire flowers   

    Two options for a vined pergola are Coral Honeysuckle (left) and Kiwi vine (right), both easy to maintain and train while also creating a beautiful garden feature.

    Espalier can be used to train fruit trees in a variety of designs, shown below. Using the pergolas to train the pear and apple trees will provide an interesting garden feature while also making harvesting more accessible to people with mobility issues.

  • Adopt-a-plots

    The five areas are surrounded by fifteen raised beds, roughly 10’ by 10’, that are available as adopt-a-plots for individuals or groups to maintain. Contact Daniel Zongrone @    if you would like to sponsor a garden bed.

  • Spiral Herb Garden

    Spiral herb gardens are an easy and convenient way to grow and maintain an herb garden. The spiral feature pays homage to the fractals found in nature, which furthers the STEAM Education aspect of this project. They can be built anywhere and they save time, energy, and water usage while creating biodiversity. Gravity makes the irrigation simple, planting dry herbs at the top and water loving herbs at the bottom.


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