An aerial view of the garden site thanks to Hub City Bees.

The STEAM Garden will be located on land that belongs to District 7, at the former site of the City of Spartanburg Swim Center. The swim center was demolished in 2013, and community members are still saddened by the loss of that shared space. The STEAM Garden hopes to create a vibrant space that people can go to in order to learn about and enjoy the outdoors.

This location will serve as a bridge between the Downtown and Southside areas of Spartanburg, improving the vitality of both neighborhoods by creating connections between individuals, schools, and organizations. The Downtown scene is booming, and there are opportunities for that growth to reach the Southside, less than a mile from Morgan Square. This project will serve the One Spartanburg and Strategic Spartanburg initiatives well, bringing more visibility to the area and connecting the neighborhoods that make up the Southside. Forest Park, South Converse, and Hampton Heights are filled with engaged residents who will be indispensable as the STEAM Garden progresses.

The main feature area will need to be tilled and covered with landscape cloth to prevent weed growth. John Mark, Thomas Leonard, Devin Kimbrell, and Emil Gentolizo will assist in the area prep with the use of their equipment and expertise. Mondo grass will be used in the feature spot areas as an easy and low maintenance alternative to grass, since landscaping will be made difficult by the sculptures in each area.

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