The gazebo will be the main feature of the STEAM Garden, surrounded by five areas to install different types of vertical gardens. It will collect rain water via the inverted roof, diverting the water to a reservoir under the structure via a pipe in the center of the floor, and the irrigation system will flow from there. The pipe will be placed inside a large metal spring that will support the weight of the roof. The gazebo platform is being built by Will Nowatka as his Eagle Scout project.

The frame will be made out of aluminum using recycled cans and other material that will be ground down and poured into a mold. Using aluminum will make the structure light, making transportation easier. Collection bins are in the process of being placed at Spartanburg County parks to acquire the necessary amount of aluminum cans. The modular form of the gazebo will improve mobility, since the gazebo will actually be five separate pieces that fit together to form the large structure. The crawl space housing the water collection tanks will raise the height of the gazebo, which will benefit performances that happen on site. There will be a level of steps around the gazebo to ensure people can get onto the stage, including a ramp on one side for those with mobility issues.

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